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Mrs Cearley & Mrs DeMoss - Third Grade

3 rd Grade Basics


Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program where students can earn points for

taking short comprehension quizzes over books on their reading level. Each nine

weeks, students will have an AR points goal that will help them earn rewards in the

classroom and school-wide. Students are encouraged to read independently at

home. Parents may listen and ask comprehension questions, but we ask that the

student do the reading. If they finish a book at home, students can take an AR

test the next morning at school.

Students are striving to reach 90 AR points by the end of the school year. To

keep them on pace, they will have quarterly points goals as follows:

End of 1 st Quarter – 25 TOTAL points

End of 2 nd Quarter – 45 TOTAL points

End of 3 rd Quarter – 70 TOTAL points

End of 4 th Quarter – 90 TOTAL points

PACER – Starting in 3 rd grade, PACER is no longer determined by the number of

books read. Instead, we count the HOURS your child has read. Please have an

adult record daily reading minutes at the bottom of each day in the Planner and

initial. As soon as a student has recorded 4 hours of reading time in his/her

planner, he/she will earn a PACER award. Examples of minutes that count toward

PACER time include: library books, AR books, comic books, newspapers, magazines,

etc. We encourage you to listen to your child read and read with your child

whenever possible. However, please do not count minutes for books that you have

read entirely aloud to your child.


A spelling/grammar practice sheet will be sent home at least one week prior to the

unit test. Practice sheets are optional and are not required to be turned in. IF a

student scores less than 80% on a unit test, that student will be encouraged to

turn in the practice sheet BEFORE the next unit test to help them succeed. Any

students who turn in the practice sheet will receive $10 of classroom money.


Homework is typically NOT assigned in 3 rd grade. However, in place of homework,

we would like each student to read at home and record reading minutes in the

planner as explained above.

Classroom Management

We use a money system to reinforce classroom expectations and reward good

behavior. Students can earn money for demonstrating good behavior, being

responsible in returning notes/planners, performing their classroom job, and

scoring 80% or higher on AR tests. They can also lose money for not observing

classroom/school-wide expectations. Two times during the year, the students will

be able to choose the option of spending their money at a class store/auction or

saving $2,200 to purchase a trip to a movie and eating out with the teacher at the

end of the year. This management system correlates with the economics standard

taught in 3 rd grade.


Each student will be given a planner to record the day’s activities. Also be sure to

check planners for important reminders or notes from school. Planners will be sent

home each night and need to be initialed by an adult and returned to school

each day (even if there are no reading minutes recorded) . Reading minutes

should be recorded near the initials at the bottom of the column for each day.


We will be using an app called Seesaw as a way for students to showcase classroom

projects, pictures, AR progress, assessments, and other various classroom

activities. The sign-up is free and very simple. Parents can see only their child’s

posts and have the ability to “Like” or comment on them. You can also use it to

communicate with us. If you are a new family to IES, we will be sending home a

parent letter to help you connect to Seesaw.


Please contact us to make arrangements for your child’s birthday celebration.

Generally, birthdays will be celebrated in the afternoon before our last recess at

3:10. Treats need to be dropped off in the office or sent with your child when they

come to school. Treats need to store-bought. Please remember that all treats

should be peanut-free in order to protect our students with peanut allergies. At

this time, Mrs. DeMoss has 10 students and Mrs. Cearley has 11 students. If your

child has a summer birthday, you may choose a time during the school year to


Classroom Parties

We will be having a Fall Celebration, a Christmas party, and a Valentine’s Day party.

If you have signed up to help, we will be sure to send a reminder no less than a

week before the party. Please sign-up below by clicking on the link.

3D Classroom Party sign-up:


3C Classroom Party sign-up:



If you have any questions, concerns, or anything exciting you would like to talk to

us about, please feel free to contact us via email, Seesaw or calling the school at


Mrs. DeMoss - cdemoss@usd448.com

Mrs. Cearley - tcearley@usd448.com .

Snack for School

3 rd grade students will have a small, healthy snack each morning. Please send a box

of crackers and a small package of coffee filters to share with the class. Please be

aware of products that contain tree nuts or peanuts when purchasing snacks

for your child.

3 rd Grade Daily Schedule

7:50-8:10 – Students enter building/eat breakfast/lockers/iPads

8:10-8:20 – Announcements/Flag Salute in Classroom

8:20-8:30 – Morning Meeting * hand sanitizer

8:30-9:40 – Math

9:40-9:50 – Wash Hands/Snack/Bathroom Break

9:50-10:35 –PE/Music

10:35-10:40 – Bathroom/wash hands

10:40–11:10 – Writing * hand sanitizer

11:10-11:30 11:30-11:55 –Recess/Wash up/Lunch/Bathroom/Wash hands

12:00-1:30 Daily 5

1:00 – * hand sanitizer

1:30-1:50 – Brain Break/Read Aloud

1:50-1:55 – Wash hands

1:55-2:25 – Fundations

2:25-2:30 – Brain Break

2:30-3:00 – Social Studies/Science

3:00-3:10 – Clean Up/Jobs/Backpacks/hand sanitizer

3:10-3:25 – Recess

*Library on Thursday: 10:45 - 11:05 (3D)

*Library on Friday: 10:45 - 11:05 (3C)


We would like to invite parents, grandparents or other

family members to participate as a Mystery Reader in our

classroom. Each Friday throughout the first semester,

parents who volunteer to become a Mystery Reader will

choose a book to read aloud and “Zoom” with our class.

Parents will keep their identity a secret , but will provide

clues about themselves that will be read to the class prior

to their visit. After reading, our class may want to ask our

volunteers a few questions pertaining to their clues,

careers, or other areas of interest. Please sign up if you

are interested. We will contact you about a week prior to

your visit to get clues and provide you with a “Zoom”


Use the link below to sign up! Email us if you are having

trouble signing up.

3D Mystery Reader sign-up:



3C Mystery Reader sign-up: