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Inman Public Schools USD 448

Inman Jr./Sr. High School


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Mr. Harris - High School Math

Mr. Harris’s Rules and Expectations                                                            mharris@usd448.com



*  Students are expected to be in class on time.  By this I mean that when the bell rings you should be in your assigned seat.  All students not in their assigned seat when the bell rings will be marked tardy.  The school tardy policy will be enforced.  The 3rd and 4th tardies will result in a 30 minute detention.


*  Students are expected to bring all needed materials to class everyday.  If supplies are forgotten, students will get to spend time after school.


*  Students are expected to show respect towards all individuals in the classroom.  This includes the teacher and fellow students.  In return, I will always treat you fairly while giving you the kind of respect expected from you.  There is also a no talking policy while I am talking or another student is addressing the class, failure to comply will hurt your grade.


*  Assignments are expected on the due date.  Which is the next day one class period earlier than they have  class.  So if I have them in 4th hr, the homework is due beginning of 3rd hr.  Failure to get them in on time will drop the grade by 20%.  If they do not have them by the beginning of 4th hr the grade will drop by 50%.  If they are missing the assignment even after class begins they need to get it to me by the end of the day or they will be required to come in after school to get help with it until it is completed.  Failure to show up will result in a 30 minute detention. 


*  Under normal circumstances I supply calculators for the students.  This year will be different.  They will need to have their own calculators if they want to use them.  They can use them on all homeworks and tests.  Would just recommend a TI-30. 


*  Homework will account for 30% of the overall grade while tests will account for the other 70%.  Retakes are available up to one week from the day the test is given.


*  Emailing me is the best way to contact me.  Feel free to email me for any questions.  mharris@usd448.com


*  Phones – Can be out after completion of homework.  If out before, or they ring, I will be taking them



Retake Policy for Mr. Harris’s Classes


  1. Must correct test questions that were missed.  We go over the test in class, so this is the easiest part of the retake policy.
  2. Have one week from day of test to take retake.
  3. Can take the review quiz during HR, or before or after school.
  4. The first session will be taking a quiz that is identical to the test except for shorter.  Must score a 100% on this quiz, will get to keep the quiz for studying purposes.  Will be able to use book and also me for a resource on the quiz.  Everyone will be able to get a 100% on this.  As we will work on it until a perfect score is reached.
  5. The second session will be the retake of the test.  Will be exactly like the original test with the exception of different problems.  Need to make arrangements with me to take this test.
  6.  The grade on the retake will replace the grade of the original test, even if lower.
  7. Can only retake 2 tests per nine weeks.  Will have 3 to 4 tests per nine weeks.  So they will not be allowed to retake every single test.

Supplementary Resources


All math classes         http://www.khanacademy.org/