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Inman Public Schools USD 448

Inman Jr./Sr. High School


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Mr. Sprunger - Industrial Arts

Introduction to Industrial Technology (IIT)

for Junior High



The junior high drafting and woodworking class is a very basic drafting and beginning woodworking class for one semester. Drafting using AutoCAD will be covered. Students will be required to do a certain number of sketches and drawings. Students will learn how to safely use a limited number of hand and power tools. Safety tests will be given over the power and hand tools. Demonstrations will show the use of the power and hand tools students need to use in order build a project. A number of small projects will be required. Grading is determined by drawings, safety tests, classroom participation, and working during lab time.



Cabinet and Furniture Design I (CFD I)

This course starts with the basics of safety and woodworking. CAD drafting will also be covered. The student will learn to operate hand and power tools. Demonstrations of power tools covering safety rules will be given over all machines. Students must pass the safety tests in order to work in class. Tests will also be given over basic hand tools. Upon completion of demonstrations and tests the student will be required to make three projects. The three projects are a footstool, bowl, and a small table with drawer. When the three required projects are completed, the student will design and construct a project with the instructor’s approval.

 Course Objectives

         Student will be able to write bill of material, compute board feet and cost of material for projects. They should also be able to recognize different types of wood.

            Student will be able to use and demonstrate with safety to the instructor all power and hand tools in the shop.

            Student will be able to select and use the correct fasteners and adhesive material for a project.

            Student will be able to identify finish supplies and their uses.


         Modern Woodworking


    The student must furnish their own safety glasses. They must be clear. (non-tinted)



Cabinet and Furniture Design II and III (CFD II and CFD III)

         This course is an extension of CFD I. Students will learn more advanced techniques with tools, equipment, drawings and design. There will be at least one required project, possible two. Once the student has completed the required projects, the student may choose a project or design one of his own with instructor’s approval. Since this is a second and third level class, students will be expected to choose an advanced project. If the student cannot find a furniture project to work on, the instructor will discuss options with the parents or assign a project.

            Safety rules will be reviewed over all power tools. Students must pass the safety tests in order to work in class. Safety glasses must be worn during lab time. You must provide your own safety glasses. They must be clear. (non-tinted)

            The wood shop is set up for students to work on projects.  Failure to work during class will result in detentions and grade reduction.